GeaVet Falcon M


Specially developed to improve plumage during moulting. In  a 100g pot.

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Geavet Falcon M is a new formulation, very rich in amino acids, specifically designed to improve feathers during the moulting season of raptors.

It can be used as daily nutritional supplement during the moulting of numerous raptor species  

Regular use of GeaVet Falcon M produces a better moult and reduces moulting time by about 3-4 weeks.

FALCON M also contains all the essential vitamins and minerals falcons need to remain healthy during the stressful period of moulting.

GeaVet Falcon M  has also been used with success as a co-adjuvant in the treatment of skin diseases and many feather problems.

Alpha-alpha and fenugreek extracts (herbs to increase body growth and stimulate appetite) plus carnitine make FALCON M a good supplement for the growing chicks of many raptor species.

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