GeaVet Falcon Boost


Contains various herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. In a 100g pot.

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GeaVet Falcon Boost contains various herbal extracts with high anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic properties.  

It contains echinacea and aloe to increase natural immunity against many pathogens.

This herbal-based supplement is very useful during the transportation of birds, times of stress and quarantine, because it supports the avian immune system, reducing the risk of developing infectious diseases.

The presence of beta glucan makes this product very effective as a gut regulator and helps to reduce antibiotic use, treating raptors in a natural way.

For this reason GeaVet Falcon Boost acts as co-adjuvant in the treatment of Aspergillosis, crop and gut infections and other infectious diseases.

Designed for falcons and other birds of prey.

GeaVet Falcon Boost can be used to help in the treatment of aspergillosis, crop and gut infections, bumble foot and other infectious diseases; stress conditions, quarantine.

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