In this section, you can find different products for your animals. From food through enrichment and hygiene products to equipment, we offer a complete range of products for your animals and their well-being. Bedding litter is essential for your animal’s comfort, the quality of their food (dry or frozen) essential for their well-being and enrichment equipment essential for preventing boredom. The different capture equipment means that you can handle them in complete safety. Scales are useful for weighing the ingredients for making up the daily food rations and disinfectants maintain the hygiene of your animals, their bedding and your employees.

The dry food in this section is intended mainly for domestic animals (rabbits, guinea pigs…) whilst our frozen food mixes (poultry, beef..) are ideal for dogs and ferrets



  • We offer a complete range of food for your animals. But weconstantly developing our range with new products. We formulate the products, testing them in zoos and supervising the manufacturing process, all the while maintaining product quality at every stage (manufacture, storage, delivery…). This all takes time but it means that we can offer our customers high quality products. In all our products, we use ingredients that are suitable for the species for whom the food is intended.

    The aim at Saint Laurent is to pay particular attention to the quality of our products, especially from a bacteriological point of view. We constantly source appetizing and balanced foods and develop dry foods in collaboration with a research and development department and zoo professionals.

    More than ever, we remain listening to the evolving needs of zoos via the keepers and the vets that have direct contact with the animals.

  • From the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the most complex, we have a range of equipment that meets all your needs.

    We sell accessories for aviaries and fencing…, identification rings for your birds. We can also supply netting for your aviaries in different mesh sizes and thicknesses.

    Drinkers, feeders, perches, nests…all to help you manage your animals.

    Incubators, brooders, hatchers, candling lamps, scales... all the equipment necessary for a successful breeding programme.

    For hand-rearing, we havea whole range ofequipment to do it successfully. Feeding catheters, spoons and tubes of different diameters are useful for rearing your young. To finish things off, we have disinfectants for the umbilical area and for eggs…

    Our range of nets in different diameters allows the capture of your animals in complete safety.

  • Your animals’ comfort is essential for their well-being. In our catalogue we have bedding litter for ferrets but also for other species, e.g. clean beech wood chippings, a natural absorbent product, producing less dust and residues that wood shavings.

    Straw pellets make for a bedding litter made of wheat straw which reduces dust but also is easy to use.

    Pine bark chippings provide disinfecting properties and filters liquid excrement.

    We can offer products for your bedding litter according to your different needs, according to the species, the soil type and your usage.

    An ultra-absorbent drying litter provides better disinfection and filters liquid excrement.

  • Your animals need some activity in their day.

    This enrichment equipment in the form of toys allow your animals to spend time playing and exploring…

    Some of these items associate food and play to prevent boredom, so that the animals can spend time searching out and foraging their food.

    Our range caters for a large range of species. So primates can have sturdy, easily manipulated toys, to suit their manual dexterity. Marine mammals will have toys with sounds to attract them.

    We also offer bungees for elephants and big cats, and also food balls, sound toys, and even hammocks for primates.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items