Of the all the threatened species, primates are one of the most threatened. So managing the species in zoos is important. Part of this means giving them food specifically designed for them and an enrichment of their environment. In fact, the physical and cognitive capacity of primates’ means that it is more delicate dealing with them on a daily basis than with other species. Food, enrichment, capture, supplements… are all the things that the zookeepers must manage on a daily basis as they all have a direct impact on the well-being of primates.

Their well-being is guaranteed by: varied and balanced food, dealing properly with germs in their bedding and on the equipment used, a habitat adapted to each primate species.

Browsing through the sections, you will find all our products designed for primates, whatever their size and their diet. We also have a range of vitamins specifically for primates. We try to offer products that simplify the management of primates in zoos.



  • The diet of a primate is dictated by its size, its teeth, its physiology… Small primates need high energy, digestible food. The largest primates eat more foliage which is low energy and more difficult to digest but more abundant.

    It is always difficult to give primates a precise diet (leaf-eating, fruit-eating, insect-eating or meat-eating) as their food is varied and the proportion of different types of food, such as fruit, leaves, eggs or prey animals depends on the season and /or the individual animals. On the other hand, one species can have a dominance in their diet, whether it is fruit, leaves, insects or meat.

    This is why we offer as large an assortment of food as possible to cater for this dietary diversity. Having a wide variety of brands available allows zoos to choose the product best suited to their animals and their keepers.

  • Supplements form an important part in preventing deficiencies in nutrition.

    These nutritional supplements for primates contain high levels of vitamin C. They also contain vitamins, amino acids and minerals to provide all the nutritional needs for primate species.

    Some vitamins are flavoured with banana to improve appetence.

    Vitamin supplements are ideal as a complement to a vegetable-based diet.

    Other vitamins contain Omega 3 fatty acids to prevent skin diseases.

    Vetark Critical Care Formula, for example, has been formulated for all animals whose metabolism is or has been disrupted (for example, after starvation, a period of anorexia, illness or after surgery…).

  • In this section, we offer different types of equipment for cages, preparing food and also for the capture of animals.

    You will also find hemp ropes for creating climbing apparatus for tree-dwelling primates, scales for precise weighing, nets