The anatomy and physiology of birds is designed entirely for flight. Their metabolism is very active and their digestion quick. Flying also requires a lot of calories. So birds need food that is adapted to their physiology and their way of life.

Bird morphology has evolved to suit their habitat and their way of life. The shape of the beak can often help to deduce what their diet consists of.

Certain species are opportunists, like scavengers, but some will find their food in specific areas, like nectar-eating or fruit-eating species. But the diet can also be varied (fructivorous, herbivorous, granivorous, carnivorous…)

Birds can also develop diseases due to diet deficiencies, lice, worms and/or certain bacteria.

With our range of different products for birds, we seek to offer solutions to all bird problems, whether in feeding, breeding, vitamin supplements and even treatments.



  • In this section, you will find the complete range of products we offer for feeding your birds.

    Food must be varied and include seasonal fruit and vegetables, vegetation and seeds. Vitamin and mineral supplements also have a role to play in the diet.

    So here, you will find extrudates, pellets, seed mixes, specific food for lories and even food for hand-rearing chicks.

    You can choose the most suitable food for your birds according to their physiological state.

    Frozen fruit can be used as a complement to the daily diet or as a source of enrichment.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to add food complements to the diet of your birds so that they are healthy according to their physiological stage.

    Whether it be for their plumage, feeding chicks, stimulating reproduction, providing them with vitamins, the supplements that we offer are formulated for different bird species according to their diet.

  • From the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the most complex, we have a complete range of equipment to suit your requirements.