We offer a complete range of food for your animals. But weconstantly developing our range with new products. We formulate the products, testing them in zoos and supervising the manufacturing process, all the while maintaining product quality at every stage (manufacture, storage, delivery…). This all takes time but it means that we can offer our customers high quality products. In all our products, we use ingredients that are suitable for the species for whom the food is intended.

The aim at Saint Laurent is to pay particular attention to the quality of our products, especially from a bacteriological point of view. We constantly source appetizing and balanced foods and develop dry foods in collaboration with a research and development department and zoo professionals.

More than ever, we remain listening to the evolving needs of zoos via the keepers and the vets that have direct contact with the animals.



  • The chicks we sell come from regulated hatcheries, issued with a hygiene certificate. The quails are reared according to the regulations for human consumption. The rats and mice come from various breeders in France and abroad.

    More than 80% of the fish is caught at sea by factory boats that can immediately freeze the fish on board, guaranteeing the freshness of the product.

    The insects we sell come from a high quality producer in the region. This proximity reduces delivery delays and consequently the mortality rate of insects in transit.

  • This is the section where you will find the food you need for your pets (rabbits, rats, guinea pigs…). We sell a complete range of dry food for your animals.