Marine Animals

Aquatic animals, because of their way of life, need food suitable for their needs, identical to what they would eat in their natural environment.

We offer a large range of fish, squid, prawns, mussels… giving you a choice of quality products for your animals.

For aquarium fish, blister packed food provides all the nutrients required.

Marine Animals 


  • Frozen or dry, animal food must be of a certain quality and provide all the necessary nutrients for the metabolism to function properly of these species.

  • With a diet of frozen food, sometimes it is necessary to add food complements. Each species has its own requirements.

  • Scales and thermometers are usefulin managingyour animals and giving them the exact amount of food they need.

  • Food balls with sounds or without, food belts… are all equipment that you can use to give your animals some activity.

    This equipment, specifically developed for aquatic animals are very strong and helps to prevent boredom, thus improving their well-being.

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