Food is the main source of the well-being of your animals, regardless of their metabolism or breeding season. Offering different sources of protein provides added interest for the animals.



  • This section groups together all the frozen products that we offer for carnivores, such as beef portions with or without bone, poultry (chicken, chicks, quails, pigeons…) duck or chicken necks, minced poultry.

    We offer a complete range of rodents from baby mice to large rabbits, including rats and guinea pigs

    Our offering of fish ranges from freshwater (roach…) to seawater (mackerel, herring, sprats, hake…) to shellfish (prawns, squid, mussels).

    FOR EUROPEAN UNION CITIZENS ONLY (not relevant for clients outside the EU):

    These products are only available for holders of an authorization and registration under Article 18 of the 1069/2009 EU law.

    If you have such an authorization, please forward your registration number to us, in order to fill in your customer file so we can enable you to order this category of products for your animals.

    If not, please contact the DDPP or DDCSPP (or your local Veterinary Services for other countries) on which you depend to see if you are eligible to get this document.

    Please contact us for more information.

    These raw products are intended for animal consumption.

    Please respect the following basic hygiene rules: keep human consumption products away from our products. Wash your hands thoroughly, and any tool or surface used after the handling of our products.

    WARNING : The weights and sizes are provided on an indicative basis and may vary depending on deliveries

  • Whether it is for the "new" pets or domestic animals, in this section we have what you need to feed them.

    Whether you have cats, dogs, or ferrets, there are different dry products to choose from. These complete foods will provide your animals with all they need for growth or maintenance but also for their digestive system.