In this section, you will find the complete range of products we offer for feeding your birds.

Food must be varied and include seasonal fruit and vegetables, vegetation and seeds. Vitamin and mineral supplements also have a role to play in the diet.

So here, you will find extrudates, pellets, seed mixes, specific food for lories and even food for hand-rearing chicks.

You can choose the most suitable food for your birds according to their physiological state.

Frozen fruit can be used as a complement to the daily diet or as a source of enrichment.



  • These meats never come from animals carrying diseases transmissible to humans or animals. Meat seized in Category 1 is systematically denatured with alfalfa meal and charcoal so that it does not return to human consumption.
    The chicks come from approved hatcheries, delivered with a sanitary certificate. Quails, raised for human consumption. Rats and mice come from various French and foreign farms.
    More than 80% of the fish are fished at sea on factory boats that are able to immediately freeze the fishery. This guarantees optimum freshness to the products.
    Insects are produced in a professional breeding. We are doing our utmost to reduce shipping delays and, as a result, reduce the mortality rate of animals that are not fed during the journey.

  • This is a range of dehydrated foods that we offer to feed your animals.

  • Insects are rich in protein and play an important role in an animal's diet, whilst also providing primates with something to do.

    Animals love insects(field crickets, buffalo worms, waxworms, and mealworms), whether during the breeding season or as a source of enrichment in their diet.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item