Placing an order implies acceptance of the conditions of sale.


a / Deliveries are made according to the availability of stock. We are not liable for delays or non-delivery due to bad weather, fire, strikes or other disputes, transport stoppages, government acts or force majeure.

b/ Delivery charges are included in the price for all orders over 300€ (excl.VAT) AND where delivery can be made on one of our regular rounds (France or Spain only), except for live insects, the prices of which do not include delivery. We will explain the conditions for all other deliveries on request.

c/ Any claim MUST be made to us within 48 hours of the goods being delivered.


a/ All goods are payable on delivery, except by previous written agreement , whereby payment must be made within 20 days of delivery, in accordance with law n° 92.1442 of 31 December 1992.

b/ We accept all the usual methods of payment.

c/ For all payment methods the funds must be available for up to 20 days after payment is made ( to allow for processing delays at the bank).

d/ If paying by instalments, we are legally entitled to demand the remaining balance in full, if an instalment is not made when due.

III –TITLE RIGHTS (Loi n°80.335 du 12 mai 1980)

a/ The goods remain our property until we have received full and effective payment. Draft bills or any other document for amounts owing do not constitute payment. However, the goods become the entire responsibility of the purchaser on despatch.

b/ If goods that have outstanding amounts payable on them are sold to a third party we become the legal creditors to that third party.

c/ The purchaser must insure the goods delivered against loss, damage or theft and inform us of any action taken by a third party in relation to the goods, particularly in the case of seizure.


In any litigation, we reserve the right to choose jurisdiction before the commercial courts in Paris or local to our headquarters, notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary.